Autism as my Superpower. Shamanism as my Healer.

As a child I was always on the outside looking into other people’s realities, while being locked inside my own special world.
My dreams would take me on adventures where Dreamtime blended with reality until I didn’t know what was what. I would see tall, glimmery white beautiful people in the trees and sunshine and waters and grasses. The winds would speak to me in breeze’s and the nighttime brought dark figures in the shadows and talking animals. I learned to ‘feel’ people as a means of working out who was good and not so good. Also to take on others ‘sickness’ and hold it for a while in my body, to give them a break. That is what was going on in the inside.
In the outside world, my childhood memories are shrouded in a veil of confusion and sadness. I never quite could figure out what was going on. I was more than vulnerable and experienced abuses no child ought to go through.

More than any of that, it’s the confusion that I hold onto now. All the other stuff I have worked at and no longer creates a block in my body, my life. On into adult life I have continued seeking into relationships, religions, belief systems, looking for that connection with other people. My career path led me to become a registered nurse, an accredited therapist, a yoga teacher, a meditation teacher. I studied and attained an honours degree in social psychology and gained a masters in Autistic Spectrum Disorders. All of these were enlightening and taught me many skills, yet were not enough of a fit for me.

Then my seeking led me to Shamanism. This path is the way of the Heart and is a practice of love and high vibration. Shamanism has helped me find my place in the world. Before finding the practice I was dissociated with the world. I felt different and more than a bit crazy. This is my Teachers definition of Shamanism:

“the oldest spiritual and healing practice on the planet dating back 50,000 years. This tradition has grown out of humanity’s experience of evolving out of the earth and our intimate connections to our mother. When we journey into the inner realms through the doors of perception using our minds eye to explore the wondrous world of imagination, we can tap into the greater store of wisdom that our ancestors have accumulated throughout the milenia. This ancient wisdom can help us heal ourselves each other and the earth.
The way of the Shaman is the way of the “wounded healer”, to be human is to be wounded. Shamanic experiences are part of everyday life, the cycles of birth, death and re-birth are an intrinsic part of our reality. This pattern is repeated throughout our lives as we are continually being born into new experiences and dying to old habits, behavior patterns and belief systems.
The shaman uses ecstatic techniques to enter the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC) travel out of the body, make contact with spirit guides and power animals and therefore effect changes in ordinary reality, working closely with nature and the elemental forces. Shamanic practice and techniques help us reconnect to ourselves, each other, the Earth and to the great mystery that we are all a part.”

I am Autistic. I am not disordered or needing to be fixed. I am perfection as are YOU. Let me share with you that Us Autistic people experience life through our bodies. Our sensory abilities are amazing. We have high compassionate empathy, (although there is much literature and misconceptions regarding our cognitive empathy facilities). We easily can excess the other non ordinary realities. It’s easy for me to see and talk with my guides and other Spiritual Beings. I can feel vibration and can actually feel the presence of what are known as Angels and higher Beings. Often Elementals take form and sit with me a while. I am grateful for the training and the Teachers who have shown up in my life. And after all the education and training, I am most proud to say, I am a Shamanic Practitioner.

Enter The Flow

Hail the Stones, the Waters and Trees.
Now is the time for the Turning.
Hail the Sun, The Moon and Stars

100 000 years of a direct revelation to Source.
All ancient cultures honoured the cycles of Nature.
The Plant People, the Seven Seas.
The Great Mother.
Awaken to know, this practice is your power to flow.
Move forward creating joy for yourself.
Using Own intuition do your Own healing.
Hold tight.
Delve into altered states of consciousness.

Hail the Stones, the Waters and Trees.
Now is the time for the Turning.
Hail the Sun, The Moon and Stars.

Using Plant or Percussions to slow brainwaves and take flight.
Take back your power.
Be your Own Oracle.
Travel to The hidden realms.
There you will find helping Compassionate spirits in animal form or Divine teachers.
Our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, they too wait for your call.

Hail the Stones, the Waters and Trees.
Now is the time for the Turning.
Hail the Sun, The Moon and Stars.

Do healing and guidance work on behalf of All Beings.
To See is to Know.
We are All connected to nature.
Illness is merely a disconnection to Truth.
The Web of consciousness heals as we heal and heal Others.
let’s reconnect with the glow of life.
Enter the Cycle and Flow.

Hail the Stones, the Waters and Trees.
Now is the time for the Turning.
Hail the Sun, The Moon and Stars.

~ Kathy Barenskie

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“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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