Ascension Rescindment

Oh my goodness! These days are strange. Every other day on social media there are posts about signs of ascension into a fifth dimensional world. The same people share these posts again and again. I would have hoped they would have made more progress by now.
Reaching high into a consciousness without a grounding into their own shadow. Where does that go? Up, up into the air, a big bag of wind.

Then there’s the federation of galactic lightbulb, those ones. (Eye roll is appropriate here). Yes we are children of the stars. It’s in our very dna. We come from places beyond knowledge and beyond comprehension. How we access messages? By going within. Anything that takes you away from your centre is well intentioned yet not genuine. You know the difference by feeling with your heart. Don’t you know that you are the one you’ve been waiting for?
I would advise not to look to Magick or Gurus for answers and quick fixes. Sometimes it reminds me of those devout Religious people who worship at an alter of priests and holy men and believe all they’re are told. There is no highway to heaven. You don’t need someone to heal you. That’s the hard work you do yourself. Base your grounding on looking inwards and the spiral ladder to the galactic spacecraft will appear.

I find a Teacher (Counsellor, facilitator etc) comes into my life as I need to clarify my life lessons, and there are many lessons. The trick is to not repeat the same lessons over and over, but to learn and reach higher up that spiral ladder.

Now Bealtaine is fast approaching. A time of fertility and abundance. Let’s welcome in the promise of Summer and a fulfilling life. Maybe it’s time we gave ourselves a break and just ‘BE’ for a while. After all how wondrous is humanity? We have been gifted above other species with a mind. We are AWARE. Now in the middle of a world pandemic it would be a good time for humanity to become AWAKE. Light a fire in your heart and celebrate how human you are.
You are beautiful. You are perfection. You are enough.
Bealtaine Blessings

My painting of Bealtaine

‘Non Ordinary’

The curse of it is a real thing.
It comes from foundations built on shaky ground.
A childhood where no one stable adult was to be found.
In that flat square world only the silver moon was round.
From that onto an adulthood not trusting anyone.
Relationships are begun and ended time after time.
The child inside still not trusting while the adult walks the shaky line projecting past time after time.
That is the legacy of any fucked up childhood.

The Blessing of it is also a real thing.
It comes from being Non Ordinary.
From having a Soul pulled through life, like butter being sliced with a hot silver knife.
Not simply following fate that society laid out because:
“One can’t,”
“its not possible”,
“don’t know how”.
This lifetime grows resilience to the disappointments that only Humans gift to one another.
Being extraordinarily broke open,
births the capacity for real Spiritual growth.
This life chosen, lived through one body, this soul reincarnated time.
Feels like a curse.
It is, in-fact, a Blessing.
So much progress will this Soul make choosing destiny over fate!

~ Kathy Barenskie

#Bealtine #ascension # doyourwork #loveyourself

Published by myinbetweenworld

“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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