Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I see many wonderful things going on. The usual community heroes facing up to the covid-19 challenges and helping those deemed less fortunate.
Fund raising, donations, delivering food parcels, etc etc..
On a Thursday night I hear fireworks and hoorays and clapping for the NHS and the Careworkers. Granny’s making masks and companies turning production to producing visors.
How commendable.

There are so many deaths of our vulnerable elderly in the private nursing homes sector. How can this be allowed to happen? Where is the safeguarding? I’m disgusted and heartbroken to think of it. Surely when this is over there will be questions asked?

There’s so much about all of this that makes me uncomfortable. The weekly serenade of the NHS doesn’t sit well with me. Not whenever the staff have been standing in the streets shortly before this, fighting for equality in pay raise and working conditions. Not whenever nurses are off sick with stress and junior doctors are running wards. Not whenever waiting lists for most/any out patient appointments are sometimes 3 years long. If I clap for the NHS am I clapping for an outdated, under funded, institution or a little nurse standing by the bed of a sick child?

Make sure whenever the Pandemic is over and they make moves to privatise the NHS that you are on the streets! That you light fireworks and shout from your doorsteps! Be there when it matters most.

If you want to do anything for anyone, do it for the right reasons. Let the reason be love. Let it come from your heart. Let me give you an example of what heart giving is:

Jenny wrecked her brain thinking of ways to raise money for the NHS. Her friend Molly had raised £1000 and was being praised left right and centre, which really pissed Jenny off 🤯
Jenny gave £2000 to the NHS by running a one legged marathon over a month. She got much publicity and people thought she was fantastic and she got 1000 likes and lots of followers and invitations to events etc. Which made her feel really good. For a short while anyway 🙄

Clare went round to see if her elderly neighbor was ok as she hadn’t seen her outside for a couple of days. She knocked and Maggie opened the door a craic and said she was frightened to let people in because of the virus. Clare said it was ok and reassuring Maggie, she went off and brought her back essential groceries and stuff from the chemist. Clare continued to do this every couple of days for Maggie and nobody knew. There was no accolade or invitations to events, however Clare felt really good in her heart.❤️

My painting Bright


Remember who you are each morning.
Before rising take a moment to centre and settle back into your body.

Then, be fully present with each breath,

become an observer of life,

then witness…

Sitting silently watching the people go by.
Sitting quietly, thinking loudly,

letting the tempest of your thoughts rage,
through a heart fiercely burning,

with a love that would make any Soul sigh

Loudly saying nothing,
while witnessing the story of other lives lived out shallow,
their presence mostly shadow,
with lives so unhappy that their very Soul wants to die.

You’re sitting silently,
watching the world and loudly

seeing nothing of any sign of light.

Except … Now and again.
Someone comes along.
Someone bright.

And that my friend,
keeps the shadow from growing,
and engulfing all the world around
And your blessings become the flowers that You gather.
And your eyes see a dawning from the crawling crazy blackness

that lives an endless night.

You are that blessing,
I see you.
You are that light burning fiercely that lights up this world.
Friend remember who you are with each breath,
Gather your blessings like flowers
breathe …
And stay bright.

~ Kathy Barenskie

#covid19 #NHS #heroes #heart #be #love

Published by myinbetweenworld

“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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