Silent Tsunami

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I’m not actually trying to be hurtful. If you are offended then look to what this is triggering in you. I make no apologies. There is no frontline. When you actually take the time to think for yourself about it, yes there are essential and key workers. These people have been fortunate enough to keep their jobs during the Pandemic. If they were deemed of ailing health then they did not have to go to work like the rest of the population. So many people have lost jobs, businesses have gone under etc.

If these essential workers had a corrupt employer who did not provide good enough standards of protection of PPE, then they were at risk of catching the flu and they died. And sadly many have died. Look for yourself and see where these men, women worked, and who their employers were?
How could it be any more simple or tragic than that? How could anyone put a spin on that? Here comes the line …

By Sending employees out to work without proper PPE protection and calling it a frontline. By telling people their country was at war and therefore there would be casualties. Cos we all know the frontline takes the first hit at war.
And what an insult is that to the thousands who died in the two world wars. Just read a ‘Wilfred Owen’ poem to understand that, or the dairy of ‘Anne Frank’.

There’s a tsunami coming. The other night I lay awake thinking, there’s no fucken front line, there’s people working in shops, in nursing homes, there’s people in poverty. Etc. I personally know of friends waiting on cancer treatments, mental health supports, musicians going under, one friends dad died waiting on cancer treatments. Ok, who knows, maybe he would have bought a bit more time with his family. There’s so much more we ignore and we ‘nice’ people think the world is changing for the better?

No body talks about it. We talk about being nicer people when this is over or how we’re all going into a 6d Earth (by downloading a meditation by some body who claims to be a galactic megastar).
Reminds me of that nursery rhyme:

“Ladybug ladybug fly away home, Your house is on fire and your children are gone”.

Image credit unknown)

The Silent Tsunami

“Theres no front line.
No war. Think about it,
Wake up.
Take a look around.

Where’s all the homeless people gone?

The addicts? What’s happened to Alcoholics Anonymous?

Where’s the beggars on the streets? Oh there’s one there!

What’s that man with cancer doing now?

That kid with leukaemia?

What’s happening with the waiting lists?
Have you got your appointment yet?

Where’s all those men that were all suicidal gone too all of a sudden?

What’s happening with the brexit
? Oh that’s over with now.

Where’s all the those poor women gone, you know those suffering domestic abuse? Are they sorted now?

Where’s those child line children?
locked down?

Where’s those mental health patients gone ? Those ones waiting to be seen?

Where’s all the unemployed people gone?

Where’s all the poor people now?
abstract/relative/absolute poverty
Are they still hungry, got enough of everything, anything?

Where’s all the shops gone, and the pubs and the cafes and the places we go to be people? What’s going to happen when this lockdown is over? How do we return from this? How do our children recover?

What about the Amazon, those mighty trees, those people, deforestation?

What about those blazing fires and cyclones, and crazy earthquakes?

What about our rivers, the seven salt seas, our waters, the rainfall?
I heard that was all disproportionate and polluted and greens were drying and lands were dying cos of big pharma and big oil companies?

What about the First Nations Peoples?
Those noble peoples of pure blood who were eaten up, their language, their, music, their faith, their every drop of Being, chewed up, digested and spat out, what about them? Where are they now? I don’t see them around anymore?

Where’s my right to walk to the beach on a sunny day gone?
My right to visit my elderly parent, my girlfriend?
My boyfriend?
To climb a mountain?
To sit in a park bench or have a picnic?

There are numerous other other other ….

All gone in a heartbeat.
Locked down
Locked in.
Lucked out.

Theres no front line.
There’s a virus. A contagious Flu.
There’s doctors.
Bin men.
Factory workers.
Maintenance workers.
Usually the lowest paid people. All working hard.
Not fully protected.

No war.
Thats a line by a spin doctor
Wake up.
Look around.
There’s a tsunami coming.
When they’re telling you that nothing is going to ever be the same
It’s already nearly too late, You need to wake up.

~ Kathy Barenskie

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