Ever Decreasing Circles

River Blackwater, Co Tyrone.

Sitting by the river, watching the ripples growing bigger and expanding outwards. Eyes growing heavy until they close. No longer in my body. Feeling my energies growing and expanding out, spilling into the cold blackness of the icy waters. The vastness of my Being incorporating everything around me, until I merge into oneness with everything around me.

In deep meditation. Peace descends upon me, heat rises within my body, from root to head. I feel the power and know ‘I AM’.
It’s a long way back. I’m sitting covered in sweat, with a dripping nose, and feeling exhilarated. Only for a while, coming back to my body from that deep inner vastness. Maybe takes five minutes, then I need to gather myself and return to daily life and humdrum living. The goal is to retain some of the learning and presence each time I return.

I’ve found during this time of so called ‘Pandemic’ and debates about masks etc. it’s a time where people are being unmasked. Let me tell you something I’ve learned. There are people maybe I thought I knew because the mask they had in this world was so effective. The lockdown and ‘slowing down’ has forced these people to throw off their masks and show their true faces. Not too much kindness or compassion in their words towards others. It’s all so revealing! Ironically so. They are led by the media to the next debate and have science to back up the arguments. No spirituality there my friend. Much learning for me. And a time to do my own work, because I have fallen apart and had to be helped and put in place again by my Teacher. Still working at it.

My circle is of friends is ever decreasing. I need to be boundaried and sensitive to my own needs and to that of others. I am alone, yet not lonely. I tap into big energies, for example Angels and Celtic Deities. These energies are not greater than me because when I am in deep meditation I have felt how powerful us Humans are. We are the Universe Herself. These energies are there to assist us, and I can connect with them but only when I am in alignment with who I AM. Then I can co create anything. Thats when magic happens. 💫

The Morrigan is one of the Goddesses in Irish mythology. She is associated with magic, war and fate. During these turbulent times I’ve been connecting more with her wild, mysteries energies. My dreams and visions have been vivid and wonderful and prophetic. 🧚🏾‍♀️

I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on in the world right now. One thing for sure is that if you choose wisely, then this is an amazing opportunity for you and me to go within and do our own work.

Connect with divine Source or whatever ‘God’ means to you.
We have this time. Let’s use it well.


Taken from my walks at Navan Fort Armagh.

“The Morrigan

I am the Morrigan
And I am every One of You who dare to dream to be whole again.
So Integrate Me
Embrace Me
Breathe Me in
Love Me
For I am the all dark parts of you.

I am the Gypsy Priestess Wild Woman Triple Deity Shape Shifter and Crone

Man, Why do you fear me?
For I will not stand in the doorway be the good wife and mother to the offspring of your nothingness as did Macha
Nor will I curse you as did she in some passive act of aggression
Not that for me
For I am not a victim
As was she.
I am the Warrior Goddess
Ah but a warning to you Father Brother Son
Deny me and I will haunt you down then sit as a Crow on the shoulder of your corpse,
As did I to the hero Cú Chulainn.
Aaahh, yet Man, do not fear me,
Come bathe with me instead,
in the cool waters of uncertainty
As did I with my consort the Dagda
There hold I you.
We will join in union.
The death I offer is but a catalyst for life.
I am here to lift that curse of Macha
With Open body, my cold winters, are a dark magic, of loveless lust,
For the sacredness of my black soil is where the seeds of true life are planted.
So do not fear me
I usher in prophecy and new beginnings.

And you Woman
Love your darkness
You are not all sugar, all spice.
Love Your Shadow
For That is your strength
They fear that power
Instead, Channel me
Ive seen the magic.
The real magic that all women do.
Transforming a house into a home.
Adding colour, comfort and warmth where once was none.
Loving the grey into rainbows with heart and frills.
Turning basic into comfort adorned.
Heart hearthstone
I’ve seen the healing.
The real healing that only women do.
Sharing a cup of tea and company.
Giving of their sweetness in words that empower.
Swapping bitter nouns for kindness and a cup of honey.
To sweeten a life.
I’ve seen the Beauty.
The real beauty that only women own.
Miraculous bodies birth Spirit into this world.
Changing with age as gravity pulls. Yet growing more beautiful with greys and skin wrinkled and silver swirled.
Everlasting blessed beauty
Ive seen the Wisdom.
The real wisdom that only women have.
Wisdom shared from the Hidden.
Blessings abundant.

I am the Morrigan
And I am every One of You who dare to dream to be whole again.
So Integrate Me
Embrace Me
Breathe Me
Love Me
For I am the dark parts of all of you.

~ Kathy Barenskie

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“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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