Machas Lament

These times are challenging for everyone. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. Or what the agenda is? Or if there is an agenda? Maybe the whole world leaders are just bumbling along, as to all intents and purposes they seem to be.

What keeps me at a healthy level of insanity is a belief in something bigger than even this world. A belief in Source, Gia, Mother Earth, whatever you want to call it, as a living, breathing entity. And this Source expresses itself in all the planets, stars, multi universes, in all dimensions of time. All the other energies that present themselves to us, in whatever forms; angels, fairies, gods, goddesses, avatars, are all expressions of this universal Source energy. As are we expressions of Source Energies.

Whatever you believe in I believe in it too. Because you are where you need to be within your journey in this world. And I believe in you!

There is no truth.

There are lots of truths.

Also there are many lessons.

The only rule that matters is this one:

If your belief system hurts you, hurts others, belittles others faith system, preaches hate in any form, it stems from Ego (man) and not from Source. It’ll be part of your growth and learning. If it’s not pure love, it’s darkness.

In Irish mythology there is the tale of a beautiful woman called Macha. She was one of the Sidhe folk, fairy folk; a Goddess of the Tuatha de Dannan. I feel her gentle energies flow through me whenever I am nurturing or in need of a gentle healing flow.

In the attached video I tell my version of the story of Macha. I hope you enjoy.

The Story of Macha

“Machas lament

There is a secret,

‘Be in this world but not of it.’

Live as did She.

Green emerald magic.

Divine Feminine stepped into our world.

Out of the mists of the Tuatha de Dannan.

Stepping foot into our world,

She heralded the beginning of the end.

She played out her part,

yet was betrayed.

Giving of herself to the end,

birthing life.

Looking to the men of Ulster,

a curse was placed.

And we, unknowingly,

have lived it out.

Women feel it still.

When she left, the light left with her.

Withdrawn underground.

Hidden from plain sight.

Divine presence buried.

With it all the sacred practices.

Christianity, the seat of

unwitting toxic shame.

Patriarchy rising to rule

That was the true curse of Macha.”

~ Kathy Barenskie

Published by myinbetweenworld

“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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