Black Water

The power of water is immense. When you think of it, approximately 70% of our cells are composed of water, 90% of plant life is made from water. French Immunologist, Jacques Benveniste in 1988. while experimenting discovered that water can retain a memory of the molecular properties of any substance it once contained. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan gave the world empirical evidence of how we can influence water with ‘thoughts’ by his water molecule experiments (2004). That power is within us. Within you.

Water gives life. When I want to give an intention an extra boost, I hold a little ceremony by Water. And if I do this under a Full Moon, then even better. The significance of Water is unquestionable and undeniable.

One time, I stood at a Waters edge, and I was feeling so low. The Goddess was sending me a few lessons in order to waken me up. It was hard. Staring into the Water, I felt myself melt into the Water and flow with it. Releasing all the sadness, letting it be carried away to change into another energy. Everything is energy. And Water is an Energy Vortex.

A way to resource oneself that never fails, is to seek refuge in Nature.
If you’re feeling uncertain in these uncertain times, you will find clarity and peace of mind there.
Go outside with awareness.

River BlackWater @ Benburb Priory, Co Tyrone. Ireland

Black Waters

Praise unto thee Magic Black Water.

Toes gripping stone.

Feeling the cold spray on my ankles.

Eyes seeking,

mirrored pools of stagnant sadness.


Water as black as night ends day.

Swirling madness.

Torrents of crashing foam.

Heart opening.

Earth beneath me,

above me Sky.

Here I stand at the waters edge

something longs to die.

Ego dives into the tumbling clear,

transmutes into love.

I turn my back on Fear.

Heart opening.

It’s that Fearful Doubt that has to go, into the waters flow,

And be transformed

Into Trust.

Self reborn.

Praise unto thee Magic Black Water,

from a lowly daughter.”

© Kathy Barenskie (2019)

Published by myinbetweenworld

“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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