Sudden Endings

I lost a friend to suicide in 2020. We had drifted apart a good many years. However, the year before he died, he had contacted me for advice. He was going through something that caused him to question his role in life. He knew some of my own story, and wanted to know how IContinue reading “Sudden Endings”

Black Water

The power of water is immense. When you think of it, approximately 70% of our cells are composed of water, 90% of plant life is made from water. French Immunologist, Jacques Benveniste in 1988. while experimenting discovered that water can retain a memory of the molecular properties of any substance it once contained. Dr. MasaruContinue reading “Black Water”

Full Moon in Libra ♎️

28th March I love the energies coming with this Full moon. Libra energies are Harmony, balance, justice. (Basically) The Divine Feminine is enveloping the whole planet. For thousands of years we have been in masculine dominant energies, now the Earth herself is shifting into Feminine dominant energies. Can you feel it? Everything in my lifeContinue reading “Full Moon in Libra ♎️”

Ostara 2021

“Spring Equinox You know it’s Ostara when the daffodils come. The warming Earth pushing daffodils as sun kissed stars, up until spread in a yellow haze all around. The wind blows gentle breezes, caressing you with silky fingers to strip you of your coat. The sun stays a while longer before resting, sinking into theContinue reading “Ostara 2021”

Machas Lament

These times are challenging for everyone. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. Or what the agenda is? Or if there is an agenda? Maybe the whole world leaders are just bumbling along, as to all intents and purposes they seem to be. What keeps me at a healthy level of insanity isContinue reading “Machas Lament”

Ever Decreasing Circles

Sitting by the river, watching the ripples growing bigger and expanding outwards. Eyes growing heavy until they close. No longer in my body. Feeling my energies growing and expanding out, spilling into the cold blackness of the icy waters. The vastness of my Being incorporating everything around me, until I merge into oneness with everythingContinue reading “Ever Decreasing Circles”


She could feel it watching her from amongst the crowd of mingling jostling people. Even with all the loudness and busyness and rushing about. She could still feel it’s eyes boring deep into her very soul. She did her best to make herself small, calling back her energies into her solar plexus. In this wayContinue reading “Spectre”

A Ghostly Intuition

What is it like to have to be highly intuitive? Ooohhhh on so many levels it’s difficult. It changes on a daily basis. Some days better than others. Colours can have sounds and become textured. Other days the same colours remain flat. Sounds are also weird. One day I was out walking my dog andContinue reading “A Ghostly Intuition”

Pasteurised White

“I don’t know anything about being a person of colour.I’m a white woman.So white, my veins show blue up under my white skin.I don’t know anything about being seen as a dark cloud that stands out in a sky of white milky nothingness, treated like a dirty stain. I have an education, access to aContinue reading “Pasteurised White”

Holding Authentic

What’s it take to hold authentic in this world today? My daughter and I went to the shops. I met an acquaintance there, a woman who I knew had been actively suicidal a few years back. She was so unhappy with her life, her marriage, her lot as it were. That time I worked withContinue reading “Holding Authentic”

Silent Tsunami

I’m not actually trying to be hurtful. If you are offended then look to what this is triggering in you. I make no apologies. There is no frontline. When you actually take the time to think for yourself about it, yes there are essential and key workers. These people have been fortunate enough to keepContinue reading “Silent Tsunami”

Being a Shapeshifter

I could spend all day lost in the recesses of my mind. Thinking 🤔. Working things out, or trying too. Falling asleep, eating, reading, listening to beautiful music, creating my kind of Art, thinking 🤔, working things out, or just spend a day alone thinking, thinking, thinking…. Endless cycles of nothingness. Friends ask, “what doContinue reading “Being a Shapeshifter”

In Memoriam

In Memoriam I’m remembering more of my past lifetimes. In my childhood they came in my Dreamtime. Now they are cemented in memory. There must be some kind of protection with each rebirth when we jump, fall or choose the next life, that we forget the previous. It’s a gift to me I feel. AContinue reading “In Memoriam”

The Creaking Floorboard

These endless, nameless days of being locked down, locked out, locked in, they’re playing havoc with my unconscious mind. My dreams are coming to the surface, mingling with reality. Memories of a childhood, long since resolved in many a therapists uncomfortable chair, are beginning to haunt me again. Popping into my dusty mind like aContinue reading “The Creaking Floorboard”

Death Again

How many times do we die in a lifetime? Osho said we die with every out breath. Think about that one. I like that. It means that every breath allows each of us an opportunity to begin again. Sometimes I meet people that I really admire. My Autistic nature leaves me somewhat naive at timesContinue reading “Death Again”

Ascension Rescindment

Oh my goodness! These days are strange. Every other day on social media there are posts about signs of ascension into a fifth dimensional world. The same people share these posts again and again. I would have hoped they would have made more progress by now.Reaching high into a consciousness without a grounding into theirContinue reading “Ascension Rescindment”

Alien Brain

Wired differently.Disabled thinkingLeads to a dysfunctional life.So they say.Alien brain full of colours and sounds.5D living in a 3D world.Energies jump out at you.You look and look trying to find some semblance of humanity.They catch you staring.You are hyper empathic so it hurts to be present to their noises,their dullness.Always cracked, a bit weird.That crackContinue reading “Alien Brain”

All Things Executive

Just so you know: The Executive Function is an ability we all have in our cognitive processes. It helps a person to know when and how to start or delay reactions to the environment, and to shift and sustain attention in order to prioritise the reactions.And …It is the ability to plan, organize and manageContinue reading “All Things Executive”

A Place to Live

Being an autistic woman, I have made many wrong choices in life, mostly out of a naive ambiguity. None more challenging than where I now live. In the past I have built a house and sold it. Owned a 4 floor Georgian Mansion and lost it. And now I reside in a council maisonette. It’sContinue reading “A Place to Live”

Enter the Flow

Religion hasn’t worked for me. I was brought up a Roman Catholic in war torn Northern Ireland. I’m not talking politics here but the practice of organised worship of God. Every Sunday we went to Mass. My Mother once told me that a priest could never sin, no matter what he did. My heart couldContinue reading “Enter the Flow”

Created in Quarantine

Woke up feeling stuck. My mind was literally ‘sore’. The sun was shining yet it was cold. I opened the windows in the house thinking maybe the fresh air would clear my head. Didn’t work. I ate rubbish food that only resulted in me feeling heavy. So I took out my acrylics and began toContinue reading “Created in Quarantine”


I usually avoid groups of people.It’s exhausting trying to figure people out. Constantly wondering:“what did s/he mean by saying that?”“What is the proper response to that?”“Does that mean s/he likes me?”You can see my dilemma. Yet when Lockdown was announced it felt like an infringement against my basic human rights. All of a sudden IContinue reading “Separation”

End of Everything

End of the worldI don’t think so. 🤔January started bleak with the bombing in Iraq. The Amazon had been on fire for weeks. Then Australia was on fire, with pictures on tv of animals burning alive. No more talking of the Amazon. Currently in April, it’s Covid19 and isolation and all the conspiracy theories aroundContinue reading “End of Everything”

Alien Brain

Wired differently.Disabled thinkingLeads to a dysfunctional life.So they say.Alien brain full of colours and sounds.5D living in a 3D world.Energies jump out at you.You look and look trying to find some semblance of humanity.They catch you staring.You are hyper empathic so it hurts to be present to their noises,their dullness.Always cracked, a bit weird.That crackContinue reading “Alien Brain”

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