Emain Macha 2020

Standing at the base of one of the huge Ash trees at Emain Macha, Co Armagh. It has since been cut down.
The Palace Stables, Armagh City 2018
In The Cairn at Dunderry Park, Co Meath.
The Light in the trees is captivating.
Flying back to Ireland. Loving the cotton candy clouds. (2021)
The Moon over the Hags Chair, Loughcrew, Co Meath. Equinox 2021
A Friend and his beautiful companion. Wexford
Sunrise Drumming Ceremony at Emain Macha

Spring Equinox 2022

Acrylic painting of Cailleach

The Cailleach, sitting high up on her mountain throne,

casts one eye over the land.

The wisdom of years on the tip of one eyelash, flutters into the four winds.

It is held in the trees, herbs, petals of flowers

It is carried in the tales told,

Herstory in songs and poems.

The Four Winds are whispering secrets.

The people are sleeping,

they do not know

© Kathy Barenskie 2022

Moonlight Drumming Ceremony Emain Macha 2018
Namaste Suzie Doggo 2022
Sacred Hair
My painting of Goddess Bridget, projected onto GPO Dublin 2020 Herstory project

Crafted from wood and clay The Maiden, Mother, Crone. 2021
My ‘Morrigan speaks’ poem published by GirlGod books 2022
Drumming Sunrise at East Coast by Irish Sea 1/1/22
Sunrise Eastcoast of NI Irish Sea
Claiming back the Mountain for the Cailleach Loughcrew 2022 Women Gathering 2022
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