In Memoriam

In Memoriam

I’m remembering more of my past lifetimes. In my childhood they came in my Dreamtime. Now they are cemented in memory. There must be some kind of protection with each rebirth when we jump, fall or choose the next life, that we forget the previous. It’s a gift to me I feel. A mighty blessing.

What it has done is negate every bad thing done to me at the hands of another. Those memories are amongst a plethora of many and all done at the hands of a human who had a misaligned energetic field and a great deal of hurt. Doesn’t mean to say I would want to be around them. Yet they are just a few lifetimes away from where I am.
And I am just behind you.

I remember being a slave tied in chains to other men, deep in the bowels of a ship. Rows and rows of us. The stench, the pain, the thirst, the darkness, the hatred. The need to search for glimpses of light. I still do that with trees and I hold the pain in my body to this day.
And sometimes, when I’m with lots of people, all together in confined places, I think:
“I need to get the f@ck out of here!”

I remember sinking, sinking, down into cold, dark waters, freezing cold. Swirling. With two of my babies coming down beside me having floated out of my outstretched arms. My hair floating up to them like angels wings trying to clasp them. I could see the faces of my husband and other two big, strong sons looking down into the cold dark seas. This from another ship in another lifetime bound to Canada, having been displaced by landlords. The feeling was overwhelming despair, abandonment, etc already a pattern emerging for this current lifetime.

Another life I remember living in a graveyard in India. This one is weird I kid you not. At night I would literally haunt the mounds where the bodies were burning to find flesh to eat. My face was painted white from the bones. I was a powerful medicine man and was considered very special in the whole district. But I was so lonely.

I love my women friends.
My women friends are really ‘bad’ women. They drink, curse, some take the odd drug, love sex, hate sex, we do bad things to each other, let each other down ALL the time, we are really bad mothers, (ask our grownup children). The messier the woman, the juicier the fruit. 😉

In all my lifetimes, what is most sacred, is this union between man and woman. Long live LOVE 💕

The Moons painting by me


Imagine touching another’s skin?

Hands gliding over curves, fingers searching.

Hearing a heartbeat, head laid on chest.

Tasting the salty tang of sweat on the tip of seeking tongue.

Smelling musky overtures in all the secret places.

Seeing Self reflected in another’s eyes.

Knowing love.”

~ Kathy Barenskie

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“Mellow and flowing, a river gently meandering through a fresh green leafy glade. Touching into spirit and knowing. I’m going into Heart and accepting the shadow”. © Kathy Barenskie 2019

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